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Sport’s eyewear presents a different challenge for spectacle wearer’s altogether, as most patients are concerned as to whether or not their current glasses will be able to keep up with their needs.  Regardless of whether you’re having fun, getting some exercise, or competing on a professional scale, your vision should be perfect, and Openshaw opticians Cleckheaton is the ideal place to come for prescription sports glasses for adults and kids


Eyewear specifically tailored for sports use is now becoming increasingly popular. Eyewear should enable you to perform perfectly without your vision being a hindrance of any kind. You certainly wouldn’t for example, want to play tennis with the sun glaring in your face. For people with or without the need for glasses, most people use sunglasses during brighter days to reduce glare and enhance their vision. Glare reduction can greatly increase performance and help you see
clearly – so is perfect for all people, with or without prescription needs. Your chosen sport will also impact upon the type of eyewear you choose. Protection from the elements is vital for some sports such as skiing and snow sports, where not only do you need to protect eyes from
glare, but also from the harmful effects of UV light. At Openshaw Opticians, we understand that you want to play in style. And whatever your sport, our friendly staff will help advise you on the most appropriate eyewear for your chosen activity. Not all eyewear is the same though, and sport’s specific eyewear helps you to play on in all  kinds of conditions:


Snow Sports Eyewear


Eyewear when playing in the snow needs to take into account glare reduction, sharpness of sight, different light conditions and to also help you determine the various textures of the snow. Our lenses provide you with 100% UV protection as well as being extra tough to resist impact. Our frames are designed to give you the most comfortable fit coupled with reliable, durable designs which help protect against the cold.

Water Sports Eyewear


Water sports eyewear should be able to protect against salty water, UV light, spray, wind, and other irritants.  Openshaw Opticians also ensures you receive a snug and secure fit, since the nature of water sports means there is a greater chance of losing your eyewear in the water.

This aside, our water sports eyewear uses polarised lenses which improve your vision by reducing glare from water and adjusting to different light conditions. This makes our lenses perfect for sailors and fisherman.


Swimming Goggles 


We can provide prescription swimming goggles 


Biking and Outdoor Pursuits


Our eyewear for outdoor pursuits is second to none.  If you’re looking for the ultimate in protective eyewear which doesn’t compromise in performance, then our range of outdoor eyewear will not fail to deliver. With maximum peripheral (side) vision protection, superb clarity of vision, exceptional contrast, and light reactive lenses, you can be confident that our specialist outdoor eyewear will provide you with the features and durability you expect from your glasses.


All of our eyewear offers high UV protection as well as protection against the elements, insects, and other irritants such as sand. And because our eyewear is designed to perform, an excellent fit with highly robust frames comes as standard for maximum comfort.


Why Choose Specialist Eyewear for Outdoor Pursuits?


The outdoor terrain provides many challenges, most notably because of the weather and the surrounding environment. Your eyewear should offer your eyes protection from both of these whilst still giving you great fit, comfort, and durability.

You should also consider that glare and sun can detract from your vision, making it harder to see potholes and other hazards in the terrain you are on. Prescription sunglasses and polarized lenses ensure that your vision is never compromised as they reduce glare and reflection from the ground.And if you love water sports of

any kind, our prescription swimming goggles are just the answer to provide you with crisp, sharp vision and to reduce glare from the surface of the water. Our goggles also protect your eyes from salt water and fogging, ensuring your vision stays perfect no matter what. The type of frames that you should consider when choosing your eyewear includes:

 Firm fit to prevent glasses falling off  Large frames and deeper lens shape for excellent peripheral vision  Wrap around styles to protect eyes from the elements and irritants

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