Private Eye examinations

A regular eye examination is an essential part of your overall eye health and can detect problems and changes in your vision. Unfortunately, some eye conditions can lead to a loss of vision or even permanent blindness. Done regularly, an eye examination can help to prevent the onset of eye diseases and prevent deterioration in your sight.


An eye examination takes just 30 minutes, in which time our optometrists will thoroughly check your vision and the health of your eyes. An eye examination is not uncomfortable, and your optometrist will use a range of different methods and equipment to check your eyes.

If you are still unsure of whether or not you need an eye test, here are some good reasons why you should have one:

1. Conditions and diseases that can lead to blindness and loss of vision can be detected

2. Your eyes are your most precious asset and can never be replaced. Once your vision is lost, you might never get it back

3. Early detection of problems with your eyes means a greater chance of treatment and full recovery

4. Unlike other parts of your body which cause pain when something is wrong, your eyes don’t usually exhibit tell-tale signs of any problems

5. An eye examination can reveal underlying health problems such diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels

6. Changes in your vision can quickly and easily be identified and your vision can be easily corrected using glasses or contact lenses

7. Correcting your vision can prevent your eyesight from becoming weaker, since uncorrected eyes have additional strain on them

8. Poor vision impacts directly in every aspect of your life and prevents you living life to the fullest – good vision enhances the quality of your life

9. Poor vision in children is usually the cause of poor performance in the classroom, so therefore healthy eyesight is essential for learning

10. Older people will improve their quality of life as they don’t need to accept poor vision as a part of growing old

11. Poor vision is dangerous, especially if you drive or operate machinery. Make sure you stay within the law at all times with a regular eye examination



What to expect during an eye examination


 Openshaw Opticians places your sight and your comfort above anything else. This is why we ensure that all our customers know exactly what to expect during an eye examination. This includes an explanation of any treatments or procedures you may need during your visit. There’s no such thing as a ‘quick eye test’ with us. All our eye examinations have a 30 minute  appointment slot so you can be rest assured that your optometrist will complete a thorough and extensive examination. Because we want you to relax and experience the Openshaw difference in the way we treat our customers, our optometrists will answer any questions or queries to put your mind at rest – regardless of how long it takes.


Our optometrists have the latest equipment to examine every aspect of your sight and general eye health. We don’t cut corners. Instead, we customise eye tests according to your needs. We take a detailed account of your medical history and assess your needs carefully. Here’s what to expect:


1.    Your Symptoms And History


All our eye examinations start with a detailed account of your background. We will ask you about the following:

1.Your medical history       

2. If you have ever experienced any problems with your eyes

3.Your family’s eye health and history 

4.Your family’s medical history (such as diabetes and high blood pressure)


5.Your interests and hobbies



All this information helps us to understand what affects your sight and eye health on a daily basis and also gives us an insight into any potential eye conditions you could have or are likely to develop.


1.Discussing your needs


It’s essential that your optometrist knows the reason why you are having your eyes checked. Perhaps you have a specific reason such as needing VDU screening, or maybe your eye examination is just routine.If you’re having problems with your vision, your optometrist needs to know the symptoms you are experiencing, as well as information about how long you have had these symptoms and if these have appeared gradually or suddenly. Knowing this information means your practitioner is able to tailor your eye examination to your needs.


2.   Vision Check


A vision check will assess how well you can see and if you need glasses or contact lenses. Using the latest digital test chart, a combination of tests will be performed to assess your distance vision. A near vision test will also be performed using the Snellen near point chart. This gives us an accurate measure of your eyes ability to read particular objects at a given reading or working distance.


3.      Eye Health Check


A Slit lamp is used to check the internal and external structure of your eyes and can detect diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. If needed, you may require an eye pressure check and a visual field examination depending on your age and the symptoms you are presenting. A visual Fieldexamination will check for blind spots in your peripheral (vision from the sides) vision and can detect serious health conditions such as glaucoma and retinal damage. The optometrist will also check the movement of your eyes to determine how well your eye muscles are working. Finally, your colour vision may be checked using special colour vision plates.


4.       Conclusions and Discussion


After your eye examination is over, we will discuss all results with you in detail. If any problems or changes in your vision have occurred, these will be carefully explained to you along with any solutions and what your options are. Our optometrists will help you make the best decision on the basis of your preferences and your needs. After this, you will also be advised as to how frequently you should your eyes tested.

At Openshaw opticians all our eye test appointments are 30 minutes, giving you a comprehensive eye examination.

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