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If you like to read, cook, do hobbies, handicrafts, or work a lot at the computer, then you are sure to be familiar with this: tension, burning eyes, headaches, tiring quickly.

The reason for this is often the wrong spectacles. This is because for seeing at short and medium distances, reading or progressive spectacles are often not enough.  With reading spectacles, you can only see clearly at distances of up to 40 cm. It is true that progressive spectacles make it possible to see clearly at all distances, however the long distance area is quite large while the visual areas for near and medium distances are somewhat constricted.

The perfect solution is spectacles with special near comfort lenses. They provide adequately wide and sharp fields of vision in the extended close-up range. Hence, you can change smoothly and conveniently between documents, the keyboard and the screen and also see what is going on behind the screen.

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