See more clearly – with anti-reflective lenses

Spectacle lenses reflect some of the light which falls on them, resulting in a loss of brightness and a reduction in the quality of vision.


We make your glasses anti-reflective by vapour-depositing an ultra-thin film on them, which facilitates light transmission of up to 99%, depending upon its thickness. This lets you see sharply and clearly.



Crizal UV Protective Lenses

The ultimate protection for your eyes and lenses.
Crizal UV lenses protect against the six enemies of clear vision.


See better, look better, feel better
A crisp, smudge and scratch-free view through a lens that looks as good as it did when your glasses were brand new. Reduced glare when working at a computer, watching TV or driving at night. It physically repels dust and water, and protects your eyes against harmful UV light. Welcome to a clearer world.

Innovative lens technology reduces glare from the sun and car headlights, helping you see better; reduces headaches and eye fatigue from using digital devices. Crizal UV is the best E-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) available on a clear lens. With market-leading UV protection, smudge, scratch, dust and water resistance, it’s clear that Crizal UV is an all-round winner.

Crizal Prevencia Lenses

Block out the bad light and let in the good.
Crizal Prevencia is the first clear lens to prevent long-term damages for your eyes by selectively filtering harmful UV and blue light.

Maximises the benefits of light, while reducing the risks. UV light from the sun can cause cataracts, while blue light can cause AMD. By choosing Crizal Prevencia, you are protecting your eyes on a daily basis and maintaining your long term eye health. At the same time, it lets in the good light that regulates sleep and mood, and boosts brain activity.


Our advanced technology provides the most effective UV protection possible, and filters out harmful blue-violet light. Look out for the Essilor Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) to be sure your eyes are protected. This no-glare lens gives you the best vision in all light conditions, and is resistant to smudges, scratches, dust and water.
Crizal Prevencia lenses  also come with a two-year guarantee against scratching and defects.
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