Girls go gaga for false lashes


Openshaw Opticians with the help of the Eyecare Trust have launched a guide to wearing fake eyelashes as sales soar to record highs after girls try to emulate the style of pop icons such as Lady Gaga.Improper use and storage of fake eyelashes poses a health risk as dirt and bacteria can easily be transferred onto your eyelids and the cornea (the front surface of your eyeball).


This can lead to eye infections and in the most serious cases result in permanent sight loss.


Follow the Trust's top tips to wearing false lashes to safeguard your eye health?


1. Wash your hands before applying fake lashes


2. Use a good quality adhesive


3. Never stick them to your own lashes (always follow the manufacturer's instructions)


4. Never wear more than one pair at once


5. Clean them thoroughly before reuse


6. Throw them away at the first sign of wear and tear (most lashes have a lifespan of around four wears)


7. Store them in a clean / dry case


8. Never share your lashes with anyone else


9. Don't stick jewels or other embellishments onto the lashes


10. Always remove them before you go to bed.


Failing to follow a good hygiene routine when wearing false lashes will increase your risk of suffering irritation and eye infections such as conjunctivitis and bacterial keratitis. Common symptoms of these eye infections include: red, sore or gritty eyes; a watery discharge; sensitivity to the light; headaches; blurred vision and in severe cases, reduced visual acuity.



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